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HTML Reference

Here are some of the most commonly used HTML tags to use with Vihn inventory, auction or association manager websites. Most HTML tags must have an opening and closing tag.


Text Tags

<hl>your text here</hl>
Creates large headline

<h2>your text here</h2>
Creates a medium headline

<hl align="?">your text here</hl>
Aligns large heading to the left, right, or center

<h2 align="?">your text here</h2>
Aligns medium heading to the left, right, or center

<strong>your text here</strong>
Creates bold text

<em>your text here</em>
Creates italic text

<font size="?">your text here</font>
Sets size of font, from 1 to 7

<font color="?">your text here </font>
Sets font color, using name or hex value


<a href="URL">your text here</a>
Creates a hyperlink (example: <a href="">your link</a>)


<p>your text here</p>
Creates a new paragraph

<p align="?">your text here</p>
Aligns a paragraph to the left, right, or center

Inserts a line break

<blockquote>your text here</blockquote>
Indents text from both sides

Graphical Elements

<img src="name">
Adds an image that must be stored on a server, name is the complete path to the image (example:")

<img src="name" align="?">
Aligns an image: left, right, center; bottom, top, middle

<img src="name" border="?">
Sets size of border around an image (no border is 0, thin border is 1, etc. )

Inserts a horizontal rule


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